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Evan Michael & Son was established in 1973 as a full service Jeweler and Diamond Broker with a store front establishment in the Crescent Mall in downtown Spokane, Washington.


As a full service credit jeweler, Evan Michael & Son maintained an inventory of fine Diamonds and precious gems. They offered a full line of high fashion rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other fine jewelry.


After 42 years of service, owner, Kim Contos, has retired to Spokane, Washington where he has established an online loose certified Diamond brokerage.


Evan Michael continues to entertain a high rating with the Jewelers Board of Trade. This board oversees and ensures the fine jeweler’s credibility within the industry. Being a Diamond broker with substantial low overhead, we have the ability to undersell our competition by hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, on loose Diamonds and precious gems.


Evan Michael has sold hundreds of loose Diamonds and precious gems in 42 years of business. The Diamonds are certified, GIA, EGL USA, EGL, etc.


In the Diamond industry there are over 100 qualities of sale-able stones.  The 4 C’s (color, clarity, cut, and ct. wt.) are essential in understanding when purchasing fine Diamonds of your choice. Take advantage of our “Diamond Essentials” tab for more information about Diamond quality.  We also strongly suggest comparing prices for the same certified Diamond quality. Be wise when you buy.


Please click on “Buy” for assistance in choosing the Diamond of your choice utilizing our “Loose Diamond Search”  application for an estimate before you commit to a purchase.


Thanks for visiting Evan Michael & Son.  Please feel free to contact us for more information: 509-624-8440.

Kim E. Contos
Owner and Founder
Est. 1973

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